Ole Fryd

Ole Fryd

Associate Professor

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Ole Fryd is Associate Professor in Urban and Environmental Planning. His research focuses on the integration of strategic planning, physical urban design and environmental sustainability with a special emphasis on integrated urban water management and the planning and design of urban green infrastructure.

Ole Fryd has an interdisciplinary and context-based approach to urban environmental challenges and tries to support a better way forward through seminars, publications and projects on the ground. He continuously explores the role of urban green spaces as a means to address grand global challenges such as climate change, urbanisation and the provision of safe water and sanitation in developed and developing countries.

His professional experience includes positions as a researcher, lecturer, planner and consultant in Australia, Denmark, Greenland and Thailand.

Hear Ole talk about his research on coastal development in the light of  climate change in this video.

Watch this video to see how Ole and his colleagues use co-creations methods to develop nature-based solutions for integrated urban water management in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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