David Bille Byriel

David Bille Byriel


I am a Postdoc at the Section for Forest and Landscape Ecology. I work on various projects related to biodiversity and nature conservation, with special emphasis on arthropods. My research uses observational and experimental data collected from large-scale field experiments to study different ecological questions. I use both morphological and DNA (metabarcoding) approaches for identification of biodiversity, and my main morphological expertise lies within crane flies, hoverflies and mosquitoes, but I am interested in most aspects of arthropod ecology. Further, I have an interest in data analysis of community ecology using R.

I am currently involved in three different projects: ‘Silva Nova’, ‘Grazing Project’, and ‘LIFE Forest Fit for Future (FORFIT)’. In Silva Nova we investigate how soil communities develop following afforestation on former agricultural land, and the potential of speeding up this process by inoculation of old-growth soil microbiomes. In the Grazing project, we investigate the effects on whole-year grazing on plant and insect diversity in Danish grasslands by using environmental gradients and controlled experiments with fences. My role in FORFIT is to monitor and provide biodiversity data to support conservation management strategies in coniferous forest.

Besides my research activities, I am teaching the courses ‘Field Course in Nature Management’, ‘Nature Management and Biodiversity’ and ‘Biodiversity in Managed Forests’. I also supervise BSc and MSc students in Thesis topics related to arthropod ecology.

ID: 167416491