Lise Byskov Herslund

Lise Byskov Herslund

Associate Professor

  • Landscape Architecture, Planning and Society

    Rolighedsvej 23

    1958 Frederiksberg C

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I am an Associate Professor in the section for Landscape Architecture and Planning at the Institute of Geoscience and Natural resource Management. I have both my masters and PhD in human geography and works broadly with urban and regional development in Denmark , Europe and developing countries. My perspective is often on capacities for collective action and community-led development and change as well as an everyday life perspective with a focus on people's daily lives and living conditions.

I am currently the leader of a Danida financed research project on water resilient South African cities where we together with the University of Cape Town explore into water resilient urban design and how this connects with especially water supply.

I am also currently working with a research project on refugees as a resource for small town development. The question is what are important factors for refugees staying long-term in the small communities in which they initially have been placed and what role can the local community play in this.

Recently I have worked on a Danida funded project 'Water Resilient Cities in Africa ' which explores the possibilities of using the landscape to make cities in Africa more resilient to floods and droughts.

In addition, I work with small towns (service towns) in Denmark and the challenges they face as a result of the regional development in general. My focus is mainly on their changing lifeforms and the social organization in the service towns.

I am responsible for the course 'Urban sociology - human, place and city' at the Institute of Geoscience and Natural Resource Management (IGN) and is also responsible for the graduate course 'Motivation and Pro-environmental Behaviour ' in collaboration with the Institute for Food and Resource Economics (IFRO). I am also course responsible for the master course in the landscape architecture master  'Theories of Urban design'.

From 2010-2013, I was workpackage leader in the EU FP-7 project ‘Climate Change and Urban Vulnerability in Africa (CLUVA)’. My main research activities centered on development of indicators and typologies for the identification of climate-sensitive areas in African cities, assessment of planning and governance of climate adaptation and development of important strategies and measures to take in collaboration with stakeholders to make the cities of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia more resilient to climate change (

Previously, I worked as a Research and Education Advisor in a Danida funded project in Nepal (2007-2010). The project was to support capacity building in research and teaching at the Institute of Forestry at Tribhuwan University. In addition, I have participated in the Center for Strategic Urban Research with a research project on counterurbanisation and opportunities for starting knowledge-intensive micro-enterprises in rural areas.

My PhD thesis concerned the transition from planned to market economy in rural areas in the Baltic countries.


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