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Ole H. Caspersen

Ole H. Caspersen

Senior researcher

OHC´s research areas are Ecological geography with emphasis on environmental issues, land use, planning, landscape dynamics and present and historical agroecosystems. Much of OHC´s research aims at development of methods for planning and management of recreational landscape experiences . Many of the research activities are related to implementation and use of GIS, and geo data in multi-disciplinary research projects partly for administration and planning purpose in Denmark, third world and East European countries. An example is the development of a GIS for planning and management of the greenbelt around St. Petersborg. Another is the implementation of GIS in the National forest management in Central Vietnam. In Denmark OHC´s research focuses on land use changes in a time perspective and on the development of new methods for planning and management. Another research field is development a new methods for landscape planning and management. Together with different institutions OHC have developed a GIS based method for Landscape character assessment based on experiences from UK. The method is now being implemented for planning and management of the Danish countryside on regional and municipality level.

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