Jørgen Primdahl

Jørgen Primdahl


Jørgen Primdahl, landskabsarkitekt, Ph.d.

Professor, countryside planning

The rural landscape is my primary research field focusing on functions, management, and policy interventions. A primary goal for my research is a deeper understanding of landscape management practices, landscape change, and the role of planning and various forms of policy interventions in protecting, maintaining and enhancing landscape services and values. Another goal is to contribute to improved policy and planning approaches and solutions concerning the protection, maintenance, and enhancement of rural landscapes.

Currently I working with two issues: (1) The intersecting dynamics of rural landscape change caused by combinations of agricultural structural change, urbanisation, policy interventions, and local actions

See: http://sl.life.ku.dk/English/outreach_publications/Conferences/Pathways.aspx

(2) Collaborative planning for the local rural landscape – new approaches and spatial solutions.

See: www.diaplan.dk

I teach mainly on the master programme in countryside planning and management and the part time master programme in rural development and countryside management.

ID: 4230406