Lars B Clemmensen

Lars B Clemmensen

Professor emeritus, Professor, emeritus

Member of:

    Place of work
    Department of Geography and Geology
    University of Copenhagen
    Øster Voldgade 10
    DK 1350 København K
    Phone: +45 35322449 (direct), 3532 2500 (switch board)

    Personal data and education
    1968 Immatriculated at the University of Copenhagen in
    1974 Cand. Scient in Novembrer
    1978 Lic. Scient in May
    1991 Dr. scient in November

    1974-75  Instructor
    1975-78 SNF stipendiat, Geological survey of Greenland and Geological Museum
    1978-80  senior stipendiat, Geological Museum
    1980 Lector, Department of Geography and Geology

    1997 New mammal from the Triassic of East Greenland named Haramiyavia clemmenseni.
    2003 Teaching prize 2003, Natural Faculty of Science.

    Professional activities
    1977 Chairman, symposium on Modern and Ancient Lake Sediments, Copenhagen.
    1982 Chairman, IAS congress, Copenhagen.
    1999 Chairman, IAS congress, Copenhagen.
    1985-87 Institute leader, Institute of General Geology.
    1993-97 Member of Insitute Board.
    1992-98 Member of International Board, Natural faculty of Science.
    2002-2007 Chairman of Study Board.
    2002-2007 Member of Coordination Board, Faculty of science.
    1995-2007 Member of Evaluation Board, British, Dutch and Spanish Research Councils.
    1998-2002 Member of Council of the European Union of Geosciences.
    1994-96 Chairman, Geological society of Denmark.
    1996-98 Secretary, Geological Society of Denmark.
    2006 Scientific Editor, bulletin of the geological society of Denmark.
    2000-2005 Scientific Editor, GFF.
    1994 Assiate Editor, Terra Nova.
    2004 Associate Editor, Sedimentary Geology.
    Refere for Sedimentology, Sedimentary Geology, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, Geomorphology etc.

    Field work
    Member of 10 expeditions to Greenland. Carried out field work in Norway, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, USA and Vietnam.


    1984-87 Leader of EFP research project on Facies analysis of clastic reservoir rocks.
    Member of American-Danish research project on Triassic lake deposits, east Greenland. Supported by Carlsberg Foundation.
    1991-95 Leader of research project on Quaternary dune systems,
    2001-2004 Holocene coastal dune formation, Denmark (2001-2004),
    2007-2008 Holocene beach ridge systems, Anholt, Denmark (2007-2008). Supported by Carlsberg Foundation.

    Supervisor for 40 cand.scient students and 4 PH.d students.



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