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Robert Frei

Robert Frei


Personal data
Last name: Frei
First name: Robert
Date and Place of Birth: March 20, 1961, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Nationality: Swiss
Marital Status: married, two children (14 and 16 years)
Languages: German, English, French, Danish and understanding in Spanish

1976 - 1980: Gymnasium - Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliches Gymnasium, Kantonsschule Winterthur, Kt. of Zürich, Switzerland. Degree: Matura type C, mathematical - natural science1982 - 1987: University - study in mineralogical - petrographical - crystallographical direction, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zürich
1987: Diploma thesis*, ETH Zürich, Switzerland. Degree: Dipl.Natw.
1987 - 1992: Ph.D.-study, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
1992: Ph.D.-thesis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zürich, Switzerland **. Degree: Dr. sc. nat.
1992 - 1996: post-doctoral study - Isotope Geology Group, University of Bern, Switzerland
1998: Habilitation - “venia docendi” for geochronology, University of Bern, Switzerland ***. Degree: PD Dr. sc. nat.

* Title of Diploma Thesis: “Geological, mineralogical and geochemical investigations of a stratabound, polymetallic mineralization and a banded iron formation in the Serbomacedonian Massif (Chalkidiki, N-Greece)”. Supervisors: - Prof. M. Grünenfelder, Prof. V. Köppel

** Title of Ph.D.-Thesis: “Isotope (Pb, Rb-Sr, S, O, C, U-Pb) geochemical investigations of Tertiary intrusions and related mineralizations in the Serbomacedonian Pb-Zn, Sb+Cu-Mo metallogenetic province in Northern Greece”. Referee: - Prof. V. Köppel, ETH Zürich. Co-referees: - Prof. M. Grünenfelder, ETH Zürich; Prof. M. Kusakabe, ISEI, Okayama University, Japan

*** Title of Habilitation: “Researches in stepwise Pb leaching - a high quality dating method for rock forming silicates and ore minerals”

Professionel career
1986 - 1987: TERRACONSULT AG, Zürich, Switzerland as statistical advisor and geochemist.
1991 (3 months): Institute of the Study of the Earth’s Interior, Okayama University, Misasa, Japan with Prof. M. Kusakabe as exchange graduate.
1990 - 1992: Mineralogical - Crystallo-graphical Institute, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zürich, Switzerland with Prof. V. Köppel as part-time junior assistant - leading ore microscopy student course - third credit project in collaboration with AGIP (Italy) on the evaluation of U-deposits in N-Italy (Pb-isotope study).
1993 - 1997: Mineralogical-Petrographical Institute, Group for Isotope Geology, University of Bern, Switzerland with Prof. J.D. Kramers as full-time assistant professor -development of Pb-Pb step-leaching technique for dating of rock-forming minerals - operation of the isotope geochronology laboratory - set-up and application of conventional U-Pb accessory dating.
1997-1999: Geological Institute, University of Copenhagen, Danish Center for Isotope Geology as Laboratory Manager - supervising ultra-clean laboratory and mass spectrometrical instrumentation - expanding facilities, with focus on geochronological and Sm-Nd, Sr, Pb, and Re-Os isotope geochemical applications - student education, organizing lab course for master students.
From 1999: Geological Institute, Department of Geology and Geography, Department of Geoscience and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen as Professor of Geochemistry and Igneous Petrology and Leader of the Danish Center for Isotope Geology

Funded research
Carlsbergfondet, 1999; DKr. 100’000; “Support of fieldwork in Greenland”
Carlsbergfondet; 2000; DKr. 100’000; “Investigation of metasomatic changes in the Earth oldest oceanic crust”
SNF (Danish National Research Foundation) frame project; 2001-2007; Dkr. 1.8 Mio; “A multi-isotopic and trace element investigation of greenstone belts”
FNU (Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation) instrument center, 2005; DKr. 1.5 Mio; “Application for a new generation TIMS to conduct isotope-geochemical research”
Danish National Research Foundation, 2005-2010; Establishment of a research center of excellence “Nordic Center for Earth Evolution, NordCEE”; DKr. 53 Mio (DKr. 17 Mio to University of Copenhagen, co-founder)
Carlsbergfondet, 2005; DKr. 800’000; “Application for a TIMS for isotope-geochemical research”
GeoCenter Copenhagen, 2006; DKr. 400'000; “Application for a new generation TIMS to conduct isotope-geochemical research”
Carlsbergfondet, 2010; DKr. 470’000; “Application for the purchase of and ICP-OES facility for projects related to “analyses of major and trace element a concentrations in geological samples with focus on Phanerozoic climate reconstruction”
FNU Big frame project, 2008-2010; DKr 3.5 Mio; “Chromium (Cr)-molybdenum (Mo) and cerium (Ce) stable isotope tracing of paleoredox processes related to oxygenation events in Earth´s history”
Carlsbergfondet, 2011, DKr. 500’000; Purchase of an ICP-OES facility for trace elemental analyses
FNU, Big frame project, 2012-2014; DKr 5.7 Mio; “Development and application of chromium stable isotopes in carbonates to trace climatic fluctuations during major oxygenation periods in Earth’s history”
Carlsbergfondet, 2012; DKr. 2.5 Mio “Application for the purchase and replacement of thermal ionization mass spectrometer”
GeoCenter Copenhagen, 2012; DKr. 1.0 Mio; “Application for the purchase and replacement of thermal ionization mass spectrometer “
Carlsbergfondet, 2015, DKr. 1.2 Mio; “Chromium isotopes in Mesoproterozoic carbonates: A novel proxy for assessing the history of Earth surface oxygenation”
FNU, DFF level 2, 2015-2019; DKr. 6.2 Mio; ”Use of redox sensitive isotope tracers in marine and continental rock records to trace paleo-environmental and climatic changes during the late Neoproterozoic-Cambrian transition”

Honors and awards
2004: Member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters

Professional affiliations
Member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU)
Member of the Geochemical Society (GSA)
Member of the Geological Society of America (GSA)

Supervisory activity
Primary supervision of 16 (14 completed) M.Sc. (“speciale”) theses (1999-2016)
Primary advisor/supervisor of 15 (12 completed) Ph.D. theses (1999–2016)

Publication statistics (Web of Science ISI)
Peer-reviewed journal articles: 187
Sum of times cites: 3989 (3461 without self-citations)
H-index: 39

ID: 11756