Tod Waight

Tod Waight


Research Interests

Igneous Petrology, high-temperature geochemistry, isotope geochemistry, geochronology, volcanism, regional tectonics, age and origin of the continental crust, mineral chemistry.

Ongoing Research Projects

Mineralogy of impact-related materials from the Hiawatha Impact Crater - Northern Greenland (see review videos of this work here and here).

Assessing the periodicity and mechanisms of continental crustal growth (DFF funded research project to start in 2020) (click here to see an interview about this project with Val Troll)

Granitic magmatism in New Zealand 

Petrology, Geochemistry and Geochronology of granitic basement on Bornholm (click here to see a short film about this work).

Teaching responsibilities

Introductory geological processes and materials, The Geology and Geochemistry of the Lithosphere, Core to Crust II, Structural Geology, Field and Methods course (Utah).


Deputy Head of Department (Teaching), Head of Electron Microprobe Laboratory, Editor for Journal of Petrology.

ID: 5214