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Farshid Daryabor

Farshid Daryabor


Member of:

    • Coastal Circulation Modeling and Transport, Tidal Modeling and Analysis, Satellite Altimeter Analysis, Wave modeling and Biogeochemical modeling


    • Development and implementation of the Regional Ocean modeling system (ROMS) with their improvement through data assimilation techniques. Special interest to the real time applications and operational coastal ocean forecasting system using atmosphere – ocean and biogeochemical coupled models. Combination of empirical, theoretical and numerical knowledge for further research benefit as well knowledge to understand major and important ocean processes in continental shelf oceans and the adjacent seas and Air-Ocean-Land interaction studies and climate change research.


    • High resolution approach for ocean simulations with focus on advanced numerical techniques of data assimilation. Two-way coupling of numerical models for atmosphere, waves, ocean and biogeochemical cycles for advanced studies as well for operational oceanography. Interaction with bio-chemical modeling groups for interdisciplinary research. Combination of field measurements and model dynamics in a consistent way.

    ID: 165031754