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Pedro Waterton

Pedro Waterton


Research Areas

  • Komatiite petrology and geochemistry
  • Mantle evolution and geochemistry
  • Ultramafic cumulates and lithosphere evolution
  • Platinum group element geochemistry and Re-Os isotopes
  • Isotope dilution analytical techniques

Research interests

My research interests focus on ancient ultramafic mantle melts and the products of their formation – both residues left behind in their mantle source regions and differentiation products such as ultramafic cumulates and basalts in the Earth’s crust. My PhD research centered on the ca. 1.9 Ga Winnipegosis Komatiites from Manitoba, Canada, some of the best preserved komatiites in the world and a rare example of Proterozoic komatiite magmatism. Following this, I completed a post-doc with the Metal Earth project, attempting to understand the genesis of precious metal deposits by studying mantle samples from beneath an active gold mine. Alongside these major research works, I have participated in a variety of projects, including remote fieldwork in Northern Canada and Greenland, and research on the metamorphism of Archaean komatiites, precious metal mobility in Phanerozoic ophiolites, chromite provenance in Archaean sedimentary rocks, and even the origins of S-type granites. I use a variety of petrological and geochemical techniques, with a focus on platinum group element (PGE) geochemistry and Re-Os isotopes, supported by in-depth geochemical modelling. In January 2019, I began a post-doc at the University of Copenhagen, studying ultramafic enclaves in Archaean gneisses from West Greenland with a view to understanding their origins and relevance to lithosphere stabilisation in the North Atlantic Craton.


Employment and education

  • 2019 – present: Post-doctoral researcher, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2018: Post-doctoral researcher, Metal Earth, University of Alberta, Canada
  • 2013 – 2018: PhD, University of Alberta, Canada
  • 2008 – 2012: BA, MSci, University of Cambridge, UK


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