Ecology and Nature Management

The research group conducts basic and applied research and teaching in systems ecology, conservation and restoration of habitats for flora and fauna in a wide range of natural, semi-natural and managed ecosystems.

Ecology and Nature Management

The human-induced pressures on ecosystems have increased dramatically. These pressures act alone or in combination and diminish ecosystem function and capacity to deliver important ecosystem services.

The Ecology and Nature Management research group investigates how different environmental factors under change impact flora and fauna, biodiversity, ecosystem processes, function and stability and thus the services they provide.













  • Nørholm Heath – Long term succession from heathland to forest
  • INCREASE - An Integrated Network on Climate Change REsearch Activities on Shrubland Ecosystems. We coordinate the EU-funded infrastructure project  of 7 long-term and large scale climate manipulation experiment in shrublands across Europe.
  • CLIMAITE – VKR-Climate Centre of Excellence -Climate change effects on biological processes in terrestrial ecosystems.
  • Ecological restoration of the upper river Øle Å, Bornholm, Denmark.
  • Invasive arters introduktionsveje
  • Cryphalus - about Cryphalus piceae 

Semi natural vegetation for urban environments 
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Completed projects

  • Vildt og Landskab








The group collaborates with a large number of national and international institutes, scientists and land managers.

National collaboration

CLIMAITE – VKR-Climate Centre of Excellence -Climate change effects on biological processes in terrestrial ecosystems. Other partners are DTU, KU-BIO and AU. climaite
Contact: Inger Kappel Schmidt 

International collaboration

The European Heathland Network - The European Heathlands Network has been established to enable all persons involved or interested in ecological research, conservation of wildlife, and in policy formulation and implementation in relation to European heathlands to meet, to stimulate discussion, to promote communication, to further the understanding of heathland ecosystems and to disseminate information as widely as possible.

INCREASE – An Integrated Network on Climate Change REsearch Activities on Shrubland Ecosystems. INCREASE is an EU-funded network of large-scale field experiments for studies of climate effects on vulnerable shrubland ecosystems in Europe. Facilities and partners in Hungary, University of Tuscia, Italy, CREAF, University of Barcelona, Spain, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, CEH, Bangor and Bangor University, UK and University of Copenhagen and Technical University of Denmark, Denmark. In Denmark we have two large scale climate experiments with manipulations of temperature, precipitation and atmospheric CO2.


Inger Kappel Schmidt





Members of the Research Group

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Carl-Fredrik Johannesson PhD Student   E-mail
David Bille Byriel Postdoc +4535334225 E-mail
Davide Barsotti PhD Fellow +4535324216 E-mail
Erik Dahl Kjær Professor +4535331624 E-mail
Esther Hauch Henrichsen Research Assistant +4535332621 E-mail
Hanne Nina Rasmussen Associate Professor Emerita +4535331703 E-mail
Hans Peter Ravn Associate Professor Emeritus +4535331663 E-mail
Hjalte Calberg Ro-Poulsen Postdoc +4535331334 E-mail
Inge Stupak Associate Professor +4535331665 E-mail
Inger Kappel Schmidt Professor +4535331668 E-mail
Julie Værgman Cronberg Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Jørgen Bo Larsen Professor Emeritus +4535331688 E-mail
Karsten Raulund-Rasmussen Professor +4535331666 E-mail
Klas Karl Gustav Rydhmer PhD Student   E-mail
Lars Nørgaard Hansen Researcher +4535336160 E-mail
Lars Vesterdal Professor +4535331672 E-mail
Lasse Gottlieb Postdoc +4535333701 E-mail
Ludovica D'Imperio Research Coordinator +4535336298 E-mail
Mathias Just Justesen Postdoc +4535328055 E-mail
Mona Chor Bjørn Postdoc +4535331845 E-mail
Morten Alban Academic Staff +4520921568 E-mail
Prescott Huntley Brownell II PhD Fellow +4535324839 E-mail
Rita M. Buttenschøn Senior Adviser +4535331712 E-mail
Sascha Hellmann Hansen Research Assistant +4535334960 E-mail
Sebastian Kepfer Rojas Assistant Professor +4535334843 E-mail
Torben Riis-Nielsen Special Consultant +4535331625 E-mail
Yamina Micaela Rosas Postdoc   E-mail

Head of Research Group

Sebastian Kepfer Rojas
Assistant professor