Ecology and Nature Management

The research group conducts basic and applied research and teaching in systems ecology, conservation and restoration of habitats for flora and fauna in a wide range of natural, semi-natural and managed ecosystems.

Ecology and Nature Management

























The human-induced pressures on ecosystems have increased dramatically. These pressures act alone or in combination and diminish ecosystem function and capacity to deliver important ecosystem services.

The Ecology and Nature Management research group investigates how different environmental factors under change impact flora and fauna, biodiversity, ecosystem processes, function and stability and thus the services they provide.

Our research focuses on developing fundamental and practical knowledge on how different management, conservation and restoration options either diminish pressures, improve services, and/or improve ecosystem robustness. The research has special focus on climate change and invasive species, which threaten the native flora and fauna and their habitats. Research span from species to landscape level and is based on long term monitoring or conducted in long term and large scale manipulation experiments in natural, semi-natural, urban and forest ecosystems.

Head of Research Group

Professor Inger Kappel SchmidtInger Kappel Schmidt
Phone: +45 35331668
Mobile: +45 61703293


The group collaborates with a large number of national and international institutes, scientists and land managers. Read more about collaboration.

Master and Bachelor projects

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Ongoing project
Nina Bonke Mikkelsen - Succession in forest floor vegetation under 5 tree species in Vestskoven.