Landscape Technology

We work with water, terrain, plants and their relation to landscape architecture. The aim is to create the best methodological foundation for development, operation and management of green and sustainable urban environments.

Woman planting urban trees

Improved Construction Technologies

Landscape Technology research aims to expand the foundation for landscape architecture. It is about improved construction technologies and new nature-based infrastructure services. Examples of targeted fields are dynamics and establishment of vegetation; climate adaptation, water treatment, and erosion control; and enhancement of urban nature. We combine a wide range of disciplines including among others landscape architecture, environmental chemistry, horticulture, urban planning, biology, civil engineering, GIS and modelling.

Sustainable Development

The overarching aim of our research is to combine life sciences with urban landscape design for sustainable development. As seen from the list of publication and projects our research spans from planning and management of urban landscapes to innovation and testing of specific techniques and methods for sustainable development through landscaping.











Selected projects

Collaboration and Networks

We collaborate with Department of Plants and Environment, Danish Technological Institute, GEUS, municipalities, companies and a couple of Universities.

We are for instance a part of the Danish network of climate change adaption: Det Nationale Netværk for Klimatilpasning


















Beplantningsdesign (BA)
Planter og Teknologi 1 (BA)
Planter og Teknologi 2 (BA)

Design by Management (MS)
Urban Ecosystems (MS)

Klimatilpasning og grøn teknologi (PBA)

Urban Water Management (Sino-Danish Center)

Continuing education: Water Sector Governance and Operation (WSGO) (Danida Fellowship Centre)





See the research group's Danish site Landskabsteknologi

Members of the Research Group

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Emilia Danuta Lausen Assistant Professor   E-mail
Hanna Allesøe Hansen Enrolled PhD Student +4535322338 E-mail
Hanwen Xu PhD Student   E-mail
Jan Støvring Senior Research Consultant +4535331837 E-mail
Marina Bergen Jensen Professor +4535331790 E-mail
Mark Taylor Randall Postdoc   E-mail
Ole Fryd Associate Professor +4520984243 E-mail

Head of Research Group

Marina Bergen JensenMarina Bergen Jensen

Tel.: +45 35331790
Mobile: +45 27244447

Pressurized NBS for stormwater management

With the Green Climate Screen roof runoff evaporates. See how in the video. The clothes line effect is important. Read more in the American journal COMSOL.

Cities need protection against rising sea water

Storm surges and sea rise will potentially affect more than half of Denmark's 100 largest cities. Researcher Ole Fryd visits in this video Amager Strandpark and presents four fundamental models for the protection of cities, roads and recreational facilities along the coast.

Permeable asphalt helps prevent flooding

How does permeable asphalt work in practice? Senior Consultant Jan Støvring is investigating a project in Frederiksberg. In this video he talks about the preliminary results, which, among other things, prove that it is important to clean the roads thoroughly each or every other year.

Water Recilient Green Cities for Africa

Climate adaptation

See the video from the project Water Recilient Green Cities for Africa, which aims to create climate resilient urban areas in Tanzania and Ethiopia through university cooperation. The results from the project can be found on the project website.