Hanwen Xu

Hanwen Xu

PhD student

I am a PhD student at department of Geoscience and Natural Resource Management, section of Landscape Architecture and Planning.

My PhD project is ‘landscape planning and design of LID-Based Stormwater management systems at the city-block scale’. The aim of the project is to focus on the mechanism of runoff production and confluence of city blocks, and discuss the LID-based stormwater management simulation methods and tools, used in block-level landscape planning and design. Block-level urban stormwater management aims to effectively coordinate macro-level urban water policy and planning and micro-level distributed LID facilities, so that try to construct a better water multi-utilization mode and holistic sustainable stormwater management system. I am also focus on Climate-adaption design and China Sponge City Construction.



2018: Sichuan University, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

2021: Southeast University, Master of Landscape Architecture

2017: Exchange student in National Chung Hsing University



Participant of Solar ark 3.0 project in the 2021 Solar Decathlon, China. (Best communication manager) http://www.solarark.net/index.php/solar-ark/

Landscape architect of Hongxingpo project, JingGangshan, China.


Participant of 2016 Global urban development program (GUDP)

Sichuan University and Standford University joint project


My PhD program is funded by China Scholarship Council (CSC)

Supervisor: Ole Fryd, Co-supervisor: Mark Randall

ID: 283961396