Water Resilient Green Cities for Africa (WGA)

The WGA project is funded by DANIDA. Three universities, one from Denmark and two from Africa, participate in the project. It is led by the University of Copenhagen. The project starts in September 2013 and will terminate in August 2017.

The project investigates the options for using landscape based stormwater management (LSM) as a core element for increasing the climate resilience of larger African cities and for providing inclusive urban green spaces, and better local planning and governance. Vulnerable human settlements can be made more resilient by means of adaptive urban landscapes that can cope with changing precipitation patterns and the increased risk of floods and droughts.

The project is conducted jointly by

  1. the Institute of Human Settlements Studies (IHSS) at Ardhi University, Tanzania,
  2. the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building construction and City Development (EiABC) at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, and
  3. The Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management (IGN) at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The project will be implemented in close collaboration with representatives from the city administrations and selected communities in Addis Ababa and Dar es Salaam.


Water Resilient
Green Cities
for Africa