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SELEA21 is an International Network Program to develop future learning strategies for nature-based learning and green food transition.

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Young peoples engagement is essential in the green food systems transformation

The green food transition starts with learning and change among young people. And young people at school are important when it comes to long term sustainable change in our food system. It all starts with a solid understanding of nature, climate and the environment and of what scientific insight and digital understanding can do for the way we produce and grow food in the future. That’s the foundation for the international network program SELEA21.

Danmark, China and Brazil in joint-venture on young peoples smart food waste solutions

The purpose of the project is to explore how young people at school can be engaged in green food systems' transformation and how digital learning technologies can be explored. It is a collaboration between researchers and experts in China and Brazil and builds on the experiences from the recently completed SESAM project. And researchers will take advantage of the fact that 2021 is the UN's year for systemic thinking around agricultural and food systems. Here, food waste and loss in particular becomes an important focal point. And a topic where Denmark is really strong.

Science literacy and digital understanding starts in school

In the SESAM project researchers, together with four Danish schools, 12 teachers and 250 students, have been able to develop and test a concept for learning about food systems' transformation that draws on the STEM subjects and the new Danish elementary school subject Technology Understanding. In the project, researcher along with teachers and pupils develop a number of digitally assisted learning stations and installations. For instance, one where a robot was coded to be able to grow a raised green bed as well as an intelligent sensor controlled AquaPonics system that can grow fish and microgreens in symbiosis with each other. They were also able to train a drone to be able to take away fresh vegetables and delivering them at the household doorstep. This is the type of technology that will be explored with similar insights and experiences from China and Brazil.































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Webinar Fridays & Foodtures

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Are young people taking on a whole new and active role in the debate on the green food system transformation? See and hear during the Copenhagen World Food Summit in April. Our webinar "Fridays & Foodtures? Young minds solutions to food systems transition challenges" is now open for registrations.

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The project has received funding from The International Network Program (INP)

Period: 1/1 til 1/10 2021


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