Guy Schurgers

Guy Schurgers



In my research, I study the interactions between the terrestrial biosphere and its (physical and chemical) environment. To do so, I develop and apply models describing the processes in the terrestrial biosphere, and the impact of environmental changes on these processes. I want to understand the role of the terrestrial biosphere in the Earth system.

Ecosystem science is characterized by processes at a wide range of spatial and temporal scales, and I have a particular interest in the transfer of these processes and impacts between the different scales. The upscaling of our knowledge from small-scale processes (e.g. as measured in the laboratory or in the field) to large-scale models is an important step towards assessing the role of the terrestrial biopshere in the Earth system.



I teach in the following courses:

Ecological modelling

Surface hydrology

Climate change: an interdisciplinary challenge

Climate change and biogeochemical cycles

Field course physical geography (naturgeografisk feltkursus)

Global geosystems (globale geosystemer)

Basic statistics (grundlæggende statistik)

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