Leneisja Dennie Marija Jungsberg

Leneisja Dennie Marija Jungsberg

Indskrevet ph.d.-studerende


Work Experience 

Research Fellow

Research in Horizon 2020 project Nunataryuk on permafrost thaw and the changing Arctic coast, science for socioeconomic adaptation. Responsible for the work carried out in Greenland focusing on indicators for permafrost and climate change, natural resource management, local economic development and coastal community planning. Young research representatative in the Nunataryuk Executive committee 2017-2018

Research on regional development and social innovation, local smart specialisation in the Nordic Arctic periphery (REGINA project), and member of the research secretariat for Nordic Working Group for Sustainable regional development in the Arctic 2013-2016. Cooperating with local planners policy-makers and other key stakeholders providing updated research on demographic and economic trends in local and regional development. Part of the research secretariat for the Nordic Council of Ministers Thematic group for Sustainable Rural Development 2017-2020 working with applied research projects and development of concrete recommendations to enhance business development in rural areas in the Nordic countries.

Nordregio, Stockholm, Sweden

International research institute


2013 - 2014

Trainee at Grontmij – Department for International Water and Sanitation

Feasibility study about rural water supply in Naryn in Kyrgyzstan incl. gathering socio-economic data as well as drafting sections of the mid-term report during a field visit to Naryn, Kyrgyzstan

Sweco, Granskoven 8 2600 Glostrup, Denmark

Private company


June 2011 – June 2013

Student Assistant at the Department for Quality Assurance of Development Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Responsibility for quality control and administration of processes and documents related to completion of programmes and follow-up on evaluations of Danish Development cooperation.

Ministry of foreign affairs, Asiatisk Pl. 2, 1448 København, Denmark

Public sector


 August 2010 – January 2011

 Culture and Press Trainee at the Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi, Vietnam

 Support the cultural development program of the Embassy as well as communications and press

 Embassy of Denmark, 7th Floor, BIDV Tower 194 Tran Quang Khai Street, Hà Nội, HANOI CITY, Vietnam

 Public sector



2017 –
Ph.D. Fellow Copenhagen University, Section for Architecture and Planning, Institute for Natural Resource Management and Geosciences

2011 – 2014
Master of Science (MSc) in Social Sciences
Sociology, political economy and policy analysis, cultural studies and field work techniques for data gathering, qualitative and quantitative data processing.
Roskilde University, Denmark 

2007 – 2011
Bachelor degree in Social Science and Cultural Encounters
The studies included an exchange at University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA 2009 with focus on social anthropology and a short-term field work about young people’s education in Sisimiut, Greenland.
Roskilde University, Denmark


Selected Publications

Karlsdottir, Anna, Cuadrado, Alex, Jungsberg, Leneisja (2019) Enabling vulnerable youth in rural areas not in education, employment or training. Nordregio working paper. 

Jungberg, Leneisja; Copus, Andrew; Weber, Ryan; Nilsson, Kjell (2018) Demographic change and labour market challenges in regions with large-scale resource-based industries in the Northern Periphery and Arctic. REGINA working paper.

Umander, Karina; Norlén, Gustaf; Jungsberg, Leneisja (2018) Social Impacts of Mining in Storuman Municipality: Results of a survey to local residents. REGINA working paper.

Berlina, Anna; Jungsberg, Leneisja; Tepecik Diş, Asli (2017) LOCAL FOOD SYSTEMS FORMATION: The potential of local food initiatives in the Baltic Sea Region. Nordregio Working Paper.

Karlsdottir, Anna; Jungsberg, Leneisja; Olsen, Lise; Greve, Lisbeth Harbo; Rasmussen, Rasmus Ole. (2017) Future Regional Development Policy for the Nordic Arctic: Foresight Analysis 2013–2016. Nordregio report; commissioned by the Nordic Working group for Sustainable development in the Arctic 2013-2016.

Copus, Andrew; Perjo, Liisa; Berlina, Anna; Jungsberg; Leneisja, Randall Linda & Sigurjónsdóttir, Hjördís (2017) Social innovation in local development: Lessons from the Nordic countries and Scotland. Nordregio working paper.

Suopajärvi, Leena; Jungsberg, Leneisja (2016) Tools for monitoring social impacts in the Arctic. Working paper for REGINA project - Regional Innovation in the Nordic Arctic and Scotland with a special focus on regions with large scale industries.

Nylund, Lisbeth; Jungsberg, Leneisja (2016) What are the challenges for future regional policy in the Nordic Arctic? Overview article for Nordregio News #2 in 2016

Rasmussen, Rasmus Ole; Leneisja Jungsberg (2016) How does the foresight method work? Methodological article for Nordregio News News #2 in 2016

Olsen, Lise Smed; Berlina, Anna, Jungsberg, Leneisja; Rasmussen, Rasmus Ole (2016) Sustainable business development in the Arctic. Nordregio report; commissioned by Nordic Working group for Sustainable development in the Arctic 2013-2016.

Karlsdottìr, Anna; Jungsberg, Leneisja (2015) Nordic Arctic Youth Future Perspectives. Nordregio report; commissioned by the Nordic working group for Sustainable development in the Arctic.

Rasmussen, Rasmus Ole; Jungsberg, Leneisja (2015) Storskala aktiviteter I Arktis – Hovedpunkter fra seminar i Qaqortoq, Sydgrønland, Nordregio Working paper


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