Birgitte Kortegaard Danielsen

Birgitte Kortegaard Danielsen


In May 2018, I finished my master degree in Geography with specialization in Environmental Soil Science and Climate Change at the University of Copenhagen. Throughout my education I have been on several field trips to southern Greenland, Narsarsuaq, where I carried out measurements for my thesis. After I finished, I worked at Center for Permafrost (CENPERM, www. as a research assistant and prepared my thesis for scientific publication, entitled “Spatial Variability of Warming on CO2 Fluxes and Carbon Budgets in a Greenlandic Tundra Ecosystem”.

At the moment, I am a PhD student at CENPERM working on a project entitled “Artic Subasurface Gas Dynamics”. I started 1st of February 2019 and I am currently living at Arctic Station in Greenland (, where I carry out fieldwork that includes measurement throughout the year. I measure in-situ depth specific soil gas concentration (CH4, CO2 and BVOCs), gas fluxes (CH4, CO2 and BVOCs), depth specific oxygen levels combined with soil temperature and moisture. The plan is to combine in-situ observations with controlled laboratory experiments in models and thereby be able to understand some of the gas dynamics undergoing within the subsoils. The subsoil is often neglected and focus has been on the biologically active soil surface. That changes now! My supervisors are Bo Elberling, Riikka Rinnan and Guy Schurgers. 

My research interests have mainly been on the carbon cycles and soil-plant interaction (soil carbon storages, carbon uptake/release etc.). I enjoy working with an ecosystem as a whole and looking at the functioning of the system in a broader context, e.g. climate change. These have been my interest in my scientific career until now but I am ready to develop more knowledge about other areas outside the Arctic environment as well.

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