The Research Group of Biogeochemistry (in forest and nature under change) study the cycles of water, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and other elements in terrestrial ecosystems.

We aim to improve the understanding of ecosystem functioning, and specifically focus on how ecosystems will respond to environmental changes and to management actions by quantifying the pools and fluxes of matter in semi-natural and managed ecosystems.






Major ongoing projects

Major completed project

  • Aforest
  • Afforest
  • Dnmark
  • Enerwoods
  • Fate of N deposition in tropical forest
  • Forest Soil Carbon-sink Nordic Network
  • FutMon
  • Fundiv Europe
  • GHG Europe
  • More water from forests
  • Partitioning forest ecosystem respiration by application of novel isotope laser spectroscopy
  • Resampling Suserup

Networks and collaborations














Many of our projects are international and we cooperate with researchers from Europe, China and USA. Researchers from the group lead the Nordic research networks CAR-ES and FSC-sink.

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The research networks CAR-ES 

The research network FSC-sink







Members of the Research Group

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Allan Overgaard Nielsen Laboratory Coordinator +4535336540 E-mail
Anne Blicher Laboratory Technician +4535328028 E-mail
Annelie Skov Nielsen PhD Fellow +4525335834 E-mail
Carl-Fredrik Johannesson PhD Student   E-mail
Claus Beier Professor +4535334233 E-mail
Davide Barsotti Research Assistant +4535324216 E-mail
Frederik Nygaard Philipsen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Heidi Niemann Stennicke Larsen Laboratory Technician +4535322725 E-mail
Inge Stupak Associate Professor +4535331665 E-mail
Inger Kappel Schmidt Professor +4535331668 E-mail
Jesper Riis Christiansen Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535336942 E-mail
Joanne Alice O'Keeffe PhD Fellow +4535331550 E-mail
Karelle Rheault PhD Fellow +4535324304 E-mail
Klaus Steenberg Larsen Associate Professor +4535337654 E-mail
Lars Vesterdal Professor +4535331672 E-mail
Linsey Marie Avila Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Ludovica D'Imperio Research Coordinator +4535336298 E-mail
Mads Madsen Krag Laboratory Coordinator +4535331675 E-mail
Morten Ingerslev Associate Professor +4535331676 E-mail
Per Gundersen Professor +4535331678 E-mail
Rachel Eleanor Burns Academic Research Staff +4535329796 E-mail
Sarah Elise Sapper Research Assistant +4535332939 E-mail
Sascha Hellmann Hansen Academic Research Officer +4535334960 E-mail
Steen Færgemann Hansen Special Consultant +4535336972 E-mail
Xhevat Haliti Laboratory Coordinator +4535331681 E-mail


Lars Vesterdal

Phone: +45 35 33 16 72
Mobile: +45 61 67 08 65