Forest Genetics and Diversity

We apply quantitative and genomic tools in population genetic, ecological, domestication and eco-physiological studies. Several projects address the adaptation of tree species to present and future biotic and abiotic growth conditions.









The practical applications of our research relates to management of native species at the landscape level , tree breeding of valuable tree species including species of socio-economic importance in developing countries and species with bioenergy potential, and conservation programmes for vulnerable species.

Of cross-cutting importance is sustainable management and improvement of the resilience of forests to climate changes and towards introduced pests and pathogens.

Members of the Research Group

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Albin Lobo Assistant Professor +4535320633 E-mail
Anders Ræbild Associate Professor +4535331619 E-mail
Athina Koutouleas Historical Employment +4535326583 E-mail
Bruno Bilde Jørgensen Senior Adviser +4535331694 E-mail
Carsten Tom Nørgaard Forest Worker +4535331644 E-mail
Chatchai Kosawang Assistant Professor +4535337960 E-mail
Erik Dahl Kjær Professor +4535331624 E-mail
Feng Long PhD Student   E-mail
Iben Margrete Thomsen Senior Adviser +4535331664 E-mail
James Doonan Postdoc +4535337259 E-mail
Jens-Peter Barnekow Lillesø Senior Researcher +4535331657 E-mail
Jing Xu Assistant Professor +4535337820 E-mail
Jon Kehlet Hansen Senior Researcher +4535331635 E-mail
Jonas Roulund IT Officer +4535331636 E-mail
Kedra Mohammed Ousmael PhD Fellow +4535332596 E-mail
Lars Nørgaard Hansen Researcher +4535336160 E-mail
Lars Schmidt Senior Adviser +4535331639 E-mail
Lene Hasmark Andersen Laboratory Technician +4535331838 E-mail
Lene Rostgaard Nielsen Professor +4535331629 E-mail
Morten Alban Academic Staff +4520921568 E-mail
Ole Kim Hansen Associate Professor +4535331647 E-mail
Ole Rasmus Byrgesen Arboretum Supervisor +4521419210 E-mail
Timothy Robert Dowse Forest Worker +4535331642 E-mail
Ulrik Braüner Nielsen Senior Researcher +4535331652 E-mail

Thesis Students

Louise Friis Klamer Martina Stoop Mia Lodahl Madsen Mikkel Gantzler
Melissa Maria Wannenmacher Stefanie Breder

Head of Research Group

Erik Dahl KjærErik Dahl Kjær
Phone: +45 35 33 16 24
Mobile: +45 21 41 92 12