Landscape Architecture and Urbanism

The research group Landscape Architecture and Urbanism (see below who we are) wishes is to provide, develop and communicate knowledge of landscape architecture and urbanism. More specifically that is theories of and methods for the analysis and planning of the urban landscape.

Portrait of the research group
From left to rigth: Torben Dam, Peter Lundsgaard Hansen, Anne Madsbjerg, Lærke Sophie Keil, Bettina Lamm, Ellen Braae, Anne Tietjen, Rikke Munck Petersen, Johanne Heesche, Anna Aslaug Lund, Hanne Wiemann Nielsen, Richard Hare, Svava Riesto.

Focus areas

Our research bridges design and humanities exchanging and developing knowledge at the intersection of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, urban planning, architectural philosophy, cultural studies, and art history.

Being situated in a bioscience and natural science research environment allow us, on a daily basis, to benefit from access to and general understanding of how other scientific fields affect and are influenced by our perspectives.

Our focus is on open, dynamic urban and rural spaces, paying special attention to design theories, methods, and aesthetics; urban phenomenology; and various forms of representations, both textual and visual. Our overall objective is to substantiate the quality of our shared open spaces.











































































Members of the Research Group

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Anna Aslaug Mortensdottir Lund Assistant Professor +4535320528 E-mail
Anne Louise Cunningham Enrolled PhD Student +4535332645 E-mail
Anne Madsbjerg Research Assistant +4535337886 E-mail
Anne Margrethe Wagner Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535331788 E-mail
Anne Tietjen Associate Professor +4535331934 E-mail
Bettina Lamm Associate Professor +4535331771 E-mail
Carsten Johansen Academic Research Staff +4531109740 E-mail
Ellen Braae Professor +4535331792 E-mail
Heidi Svenningsen Kajita Assistant Professor +4529878846 E-mail
Henriette Steiner Associate Professor +4535331033 E-mail
Hongxia Pu PhD Student   E-mail
Jannie Rosenberg Bendsen Postdoc +4535327034 E-mail
Liv Løvetand Rahbek Graphic Designer. +4535333328 E-mail
Lærke Sophie Keil Assistant Professor +4535328140 E-mail
Natalie Marie Gulsrud Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4521865524 E-mail
Richard Hare Teacher +4535331781 E-mail
Rikke Munck Petersen Associate Professor +4535320416 E-mail
Sofie Stilling PhD Student   E-mail
Svava Riesto Associate Professor +4535331768 E-mail
Torben Dam Associate Professor +4535331797 E-mail
Xiaohui Zhang Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail

Head of Research Group

Head of Research Group Ellen Marie BraaeEllen Marie Braae

Tel.: +45 35331792
Mobile: +45 29177117

Copenhagen Landscape Lectures

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Öresund Design Research Seminars

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