Christine Benna Skytt-Larsen, Tenure Track Assistant Professor - Final Appraisal Seminar

New pathways in social geography

Christine Benna Skytt-Larsen’s research focuses on social, economic, political and cultural inequality in various contexts.

Overall, Christine’s research agenda has been to improve the social geographical understanding of the dynamics that produce and reproduce social, economic, political and cultural inequality at different scales and in various contexts and how these dynamics can be challenged and transformed.

Understanding this is key if we want to respond to the big challenges of the 21st century and stimulate more just, equitable and sustainable societies in the future.

In her appraisal seminar, Christine will introduce her research agenda and present her work on it during the past two and a half years as a tenure-track assistant professor. She will also present her plans on advancing this agenda in the future, both in research and teaching at IGN and through public dissemination.

Assessment committee

  • Associate Dean for Research, Professor Lise Arleth, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Head of Department, Professor Claus Beier, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Head of geography studies, Professor Ole Mertz, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Associate professor Madeleine Eriksson, Umeå University, Sweden
  • Research Director Professor Hans Thor Andersen, Aalborg University, Denmark