Lars Ole Boldreel

Lars Ole Boldreel


Reflection seismic (Conventional, Sparker and Chirp) and wireline logging used in geology and maritime archeology.

Geological evolution of: NE- Atlantic; off-shore Faroe Islands; off-shore Vietnam; on-shore Denmark; off-shore near coast and lakes in Denmark; Deep and shallow geothermal energy; Quartarnary; Glaciakl tectonics; Deep water current regime off-shore Fareo region and inner Danish waters; Geological evolution off-shore Faroe Islands and Vietnam;

Maritim archeology: Location of stoneage settlements; Shipwrecks below the sea-floor 

Present activities: Structural evolution of the off-shore Faore region, basalt investigation by seismic and wireline log; deep water currents in the off-shore Faroe region; Quartarnary evolution Denmark based on seismic; Geoloogical evolution of on-shore Denmark; Location of stoneage settlements and shipwrecks below the sea-floor 



1975-1983 MSc Geology,Applied Geophysics, Aarhus University, Denmark 
1983-1988 Fil. Dr. /PhD - Applied Geophysics, Technical University of Luleaa, Sweden


1998-            Associate Professor; Department of Geosciences & Natural Resource Management (IGN) Geology Section, University of Copenhagen; teaching, supervision, research, administration.

2019-2022    Head of studies Geology-geoscience, University of Copenhagen appointed by the Faculty of Science , KU

2017-2018    Appointed Deputy Head of Department, (VILU), IGN, (3 months)

2016-2018    Head of studies Geology-geoscience, University of Copenhagen appointed by the Faculty of Science , KU

2012-2015    Senior Researcher, GEUS (seismic and wireline logging mapping of onshore Denmark) and Ass Professor, IGN

2010-2012    Head of studies Geology-geoscience, University of Copenhagen appointed by the Faculty of Science , KU

2008- 2016   Chairman of the External Geological Censor Group for Geological Educations in Denmark

2005-2013    Appointed member of the External Geological Censor Group on the Faeroe Islands

2003-2022    Appointed member of the External Geological Censor Group for Geological Educations in Denmark.

2002-2007    Deputy head of the Study Board, Geological Institute, University of Copenhagen

1988-1998    Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS): Faroe Island Division: Research and administration, Head of section; 

1991               Physical Properties Specialist and part of the logging group; Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Leg 140:

1988               Research engineer;Department of Applied Geophysics, University of Luleaa, Sweden

1983–1988   Fil.Dr. Student;Department of Applied Geophysics University of Luleaa, Sweden: External stays at Norsk Hydro, Oil and Gas Division, Harstad, Norway and Gravity Group, Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory, Columbia University, N.Y., USA

Work tasks:

  • Interpretation of conventional reflection seismic and high resolution seismic (sleevegun, sparker, vibro seismic and ChirpIII ) data on workstation 2D and 3 D. Geology and maritime archaeology. Areas of geological experience:  Faroe-Rockall area, NE-Atlantic; Onshore Denmark and Inner Danish Waters; Off-shore Vietnam; Waden Sea; Barents Sea.
  • Interpretation of wireline logs on workstations. Areas of geological experience:  On- and offhore Faroe Islands; NE-Atlantic; on shore Denmark and Vietnam
  • Acquisition of sleevegun, sparker, vibro seismic and ChirpIII data; numerous campaigns: NE-Atlantic ; Off- and onshore Denmark, Lakes in Denmark; Switzerland.
  • Petrel software workstation system since 2013:  Data loading; seismic interpretation; mapping, wireline interpretation
  • Administration

Teaching and supervision

  • Designing and teaching of MSc courses in digital interpretation of data: Reflection seismic data and wire line logs interpretation; Sedimentary Basins; Marine GeoScience; Structural geology.
  • Supervision of MSc students thesis at IGN 2020: 10  (Graduated MSc students thesis 2000-2020 at IGN: 70)
  • A large number of BSc projects and other projects
  • PhD supervisor IGN 2020: 3 (2007-2020 at IGN: 4 PhD)
  • MSc and PhD co-supervision in Vietnam (1998-2014).
  • Five external courses taught at the request of ENRECA projects (DANIDA) interpretation of reflection seismic data and wirelinelog in relation to hydrocarbon exploration in Vietnam- at MSc and PhD level. Including designing the courses, preparing of teaching material, teaching, evaluation of teaching:


Teaching award in Geology - 150 years Anniversary of the Nature Science Faculty (2000)


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