Karsten Høgh Jensen

Karsten Høgh Jensen


Research experience and interest 

Unsaturated flow and transport:

  • Experimental and theoretical analysis of flow and tracer transport in heterogeneous systems; effective parameterization; development of deterministic and stochastic modeling approaches.
  • Development of hydrogeophysical methods for measuring flow and tracer transport.
  • Development of the cosmic ray method for water content and biomass.

Multiphase flow and remediation:

  • Experimental and numerical investigations of multiphase flow in intermediate-scale tanks.
  • Development of NAPL remediation techniques for heterogeneous systems using steam, steam-air mixtures, and pneumatic vapor extraction.
  • CO2 migration in heterogeneous laboratory and field systems.

Groundwater flow and transport:

  • Natural gradient and forced tracer tests.
  • Application of environmental tracers in modeling flow and transport in complex aquifer systems.
  • Geological and parameter uncertainty; geostatistical modeling of aquifer systems.
  • Tsunami effects on groundwater systems.

Catchment modeling:

  • Hydrological observatories; understanding and modeling hydrological processes at catchment scale; development, calibration and testing of integrated hydrological models; uncertainty propagation.
  • Application of remote sensing data for driving and validating integrated and distributed models.
  • Application of weather radar based precipitation estimates in hydrological modeling.
  • Data assimilation in integrated hydrological models.
  • Short, medium and seasonal ensemble forecasting of hydrological variables. 

Climate change and hydrology:

  • Hydrological impact studies of climate change, uncertainty assesssments.
  • Development of coupled climate and hydrological modeling systems.

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