Tropical Trees and Landscapes

Our objective is to mobilize and build capacity, carry out applied and basic research, provide training and education, and advisory services within the research area of tropical trees and landscapes.

Tropical Trees and Landscapes

We provide extension in conservation and utilisation of genetic resources of trees that will improve access to reproductive material for all kinds of tree planting and habitat restoration, including agroforestry, afforestation, and forest and landscape restoration in the tropics.









Members of the Research Group

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anand Ramesh Sanadi Associate professor +45 353-36520 E-mail
Anders Ræbild Associate professor +45 353-31619 E-mail
Athina Koutouleas PhD fellow +45 353-26583 E-mail
Bismark Kwesi Norwudzor Asitoakor PhD student   E-mail
Eric Opoku Mensah PhD student   E-mail
Erik Dahl Kjær Professor +45 353-31624 E-mail
Jens-Peter Barnekow Lillesø Senior researcher +45 353-31657 E-mail
Lars Holger Schmidt Senior adviser +45 353-31639 E-mail
Luisa Maddalena Di Lucchio PhD student +393348465835 E-mail
Tontie Kanton Lurimuah   E-mail

Head of Research Group

Lars GraudalLars Graudal
Head of Research
Phone: +45 353-31616
Mobile: +45 30663520

Laboratory and trials

For our research we use the laboratory:
DNA laboratory - Genetics and diversity

We also have a share in several trials.


Elective courses in Agroforestry and Tropical Forest Restoration are offered under the education Agricultural Development and can be chosen as part of other educations as well, e.g. SUTROFOR.

Collaboration and networks

We collaborate with both the private and public sector especially in Africa and Asia.
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