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Tropical Trees and Landscapes

Our objective is to mobilize and build capacity, carry out applied and basic research, provide training and education, and advisory services within the research area of tropical trees and landscapes.

Tropical Trees and Landscapes

The Research Group Tropical Trees and Landscapes provides extension in conservation and utilisation of genetic resources of trees that will improve access to reproductive material for all kinds of tree planting and habitat restoration, including agroforestry, afforestation, and forest and landscape restoration in the tropics.


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See a list of recent PhD dissertations from the research group.


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Most PhD students working on “Tropical Trees and Landscapes” are hosted or co-hosted by other research groups, in particular the group on “Forest Genetics and Diversity

Our current focal area of research is on forests, trees and poverty alleviation. A major feature of the programme is that almost all research activities are defined and implemented as part of development programmes.  The new and existing research activities of the programme embrace the following three elements:

  • Domestication, use and conservation of tree species for production of agroforestry crops e.g. fruits, food, bio-fuels and medicines; for forest plantations and for restoration of tropical forests and landscapes
  • Development of recommendations domains for cultivated agroforestry trees, forest plantations and landscape restoration  under current and changing climates based on studies of adaptation and natural vegetation development, and
  • Improvement of input supply systems of seed and seedlings of tropical tree species, improved varieties and sources to agroforestry smallholders, and for forest plantation and landscape restoration purposes.