Nature, Green Spaces and Outdoor Recreation

The research field of this multidisciplinary group is socio-cultural ecosystem services provided by rural as well as urban green and blue infrastructures, e.g. outdoor recreation, green space management, and branding.

Badegæster og både på havet

Key Research Themes

  • Monitoring programmes/inventories for outdoor activities
  • Outdoor recreation planning and management
  • Outdoor recreation of various user groups
  • Conflicts related to outdoor recreation activities
  • Forest and landscape preferences, sense of place and view of nature and values
  • Experience and accessibility mapping
  • Marine spatial planning (outdoor recreation and tourism)
  • Garden and nature based tourism
  • Urban forestry and urban greening
  • Green spaces and city branding
  • Ethics related to hunting and wildlife management
  • Citizen science

Guiding Policy Makers, Planners, and Managers

The applied perspective of our research aims at guiding policy makers, planners, and managers. Within certain fields the research group has close collaboration with the Centre for Outdoor Research and Education at the department’s Forest and Landscape College – including teaching in e.g. the natural and cultural heritage manager programme (Natur- og kulturformidler).
























Members of the Research Group

Name Title Phone E-mail
Andreas Aagaard Christensen Postdoc +45 353-31917 E-mail
Anton Stahl Olafsson Associate professor +45 353-31808 E-mail
Berit Charlotte Kaae Senior researcher +45 353-31811 E-mail
Frank Søndergaard Jensen Professor with special responsibilities +45 353-31814 E-mail
Hans Skov-Petersen Professor +45 23 82 80 45 E-mail
Maja Steen Møller Assistant professor +45 353-36776 E-mail
Natalie Marie Gulsrud Associate professor +45 353-31794 E-mail
Ole H. Caspersen Emeritus +45 353-31835 E-mail
Sandra Gentin Teaching associate professor +45 353-31662 E-mail
Søren Præstholm Senior adviser +45 353-31633 E-mail
Yu Liu PhD student   E-mail

Head of Research Group

Frank Søndergaard JensenFrank Søndergaard Jensen
Professor MSO

Tel.: +45 35331814