Martin Rudbeck Jepsen

Martin Rudbeck Jepsen


I am an associate professor in Human Geography and Geoinformatics in the Geography Section at the University of Copenhagen. I work in an interdisciplinary setting, combining methods from social sciences with geoinformatics and quantitative analysis. My main research interests cover human-environment systems and in particular land system dynamics and sustainable natural resource management.

I teach courses at all levels in the Geography program; with first year students, I discuss agricultural systems and food security. At bachelor level, I enjoy teaching the course in Sustainable Natural Resource Management, and at bachelor and master level, I teach geoinformatics.

In the period 2005-2008 I was away from academic Geography, working has a data analyst and building dynamic models of infectious diseases and real-time map interfaces to  disease databases. In 2020, I took leave from the University of Copenhagen to work with the Danish Council on Climate Change.

I am part of the research group on Environment and Society in the Global South.

Primære forskningsområder

Land use change, farming systems, natural resource management, agent-based modeling.

Aktuel forskning

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

Introduction to Human Geography, Natural Resource Management, GIS, Ecological Modeling.

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