Lars Nielsen

Lars Nielsen

Adjungeret professor, Gæsteprofessor

Medlem af:

    My research is focused on:

    - Development and application of geophysical methods within a broad range of geophysical research fields: waveform modeling of seismic and radar ground-penetrating radar data; processing of seismic and ground-penetrating radar data; tomographic inversion of seismic and ground-penetrating radar data; tailoring of stochastic modeling algorithms; joint inversion of seismic and gravity data.

    My current research projects are focused on:

    - Establishment of sea-level markers from ground-penetrating radar imaging of coastal deposits. Application of this method for establishment of Holocene relative sea-level curves recording vertical land movement patterns and sea-level change in Greenland and southwest Scandinavia. (Financed by the Danish Agency for Idenpendent Research (FNU) and Geocenter Copenhagen).

    - Characterization of onshore chalk deposits with ground-penetrating radar and seismic methods with implications for hydrocarbon reservoir characterization in the North Sea and groundwater reservoir characterization onshore Denmark. (Financed by the DHRTC – the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre).

    ID: 13320