Upright stewartia - Stewartia rostrata

English name:
Upright stewartia

Scientific name:
Stewartia rostrata

Theaceae (Tea family)

About 5. M

Throughout three weeks from the end of June to middle of July

China, in mountains of Zhejiang, Hunan and Jiangxi, 600-1200 m.

Stewartia rostrata Stewartia rostrata

The plant on the pictures can be found in square: 1307 at position: 2532.
Ofspring of the plant can be found in square: 1015 at position: 2309, 2311 and 3730.

Plant description:
The genus Stewartia along with the genus Camellia belongs to the tea family and are naturally occurring in East Asia and eastern North America.  The genus Stewartia contains 7-9 species. 

Stewartia rostrata was first described as a new species in 1974.  It was rare in Europes gardens in 1981 but now is more common and can be seen in other botanic gardens and arboreta.  The plant in the pictures was received as seed by the Arboretum in Hørsholm in April 1953 (from Hortus Botanicus, Inst. Phytotaxonomicum, Academia Sinica) and was sown the same year.  The Arboretum in Hørsholm now also holds 4 progeny produced from this plant, showing that it produces viable seeds in the Danish climate. Trials with vegetative reproduction in Eggert Pedersens Planteskole (Nursery) showed root development on 60% of the cuttings. As in 1979 the year 2002 is a year of vigorous flowering.  The flower petals are up to 3.8 cm long.  

More information can be seen in Søren Ødums article in the  Dansk Dendrologisk Årsskrift from 1981, pages 28-31.